Full name: David Quigley

Nick name: Quig’s

Age: Depends on the lighting… preferably none

Job: Breakfast Presenter and Production Manager for Roccy FM

Favourite Food:  Guinness

Ideal Weekend: Longer

Pet Hate: Actually like most Pets, as long as they are other peoples

Hobbies: Reading, PS4, Lawn Bowls and planning new ways to annoy old people

More About Me…..


Born on the south coast of Australia I have been trying to grow up ever since.


I have always loved sport, almost any sport (except long distance running, too much effort for no reward. Example. Olympic 100m champion is……..and Marathon Champion is…See what I mean.) And even now I find it very easy to watch any sport all day. I am a science and Math’s nut yet I also like art. I like people, all people. They continually remind me that there is a world out there that I will never see or maybe experience so to get the most out of the life I have been given. And lastly, after beating my Cancers, I learnt to try and never hurt anyone. There is far too much out there trying to hurt us already.


Oh and if I don’t eat chocolate at least once a day I may actually hurt someone, so if you see me upset, bring chocolate….and a beer... then back away slowly…no stay…I may need another Beer…Ha.